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What are the best treatments that can help prevent hair loss?

Why You Should Treat Hair Loss As Soon As Possible

Hair loss in men is one the first and most prominent sign of balding. If you find a lot of hair on your pillow case, while combing, or you see thinning of hair. Also, if your barber or hairstylist points it out to you about your hair condition. Never neglect or ignore those pointers as it could save you from losing your crowning glory, permanently. If so , then you need to take action against it as early as possible.

The earlier you start the better chance you have, to stop hair fall and save those precious hair and restore your confidence.

Most Important of all is to understand that the next person who closely watches your hair after you is your Barber or hairstylist so always try to listen to his advice and suggestions.

1. Try to take some Vitamins that could help prevent hair loss. In many cases Vitamin deficiency could be the reason for hair loss. Hence, taking a vitamin and protein rich diet or supplement could really help prevent hair loss.

2. Regularly wash your hair especially after going to the gym: Regular hair washing and using salon professional shampoo and conditioner will really clean the scalp which will reduce dandruff and prevent hair loss.

3. We also recommend trying scalp massage with essential oils as this would help blood circulation and stimulates relaxation and reduce stress.

4. One remedy that has helped our customers a lot is our special Scalp treatment enriched with vitamin E and hair steam that penetrates the scalp which helps the treatment work better, this is recommended every week for a month or so depending on the level of hair fall. This treatment has shown very good results for our customers.

5. Most of all we recommend using quality hair products as using low quality will make the situation worse and which in turn will result in hair loss and eventually balding. Remember, balding or not the most important thing is to be confident and comfortable in your own skin or rather confident about hair.

Confidence is key in every stage of life and our hair experts at GQ can help you build it. By providing you grooming services from head to toe. That will make you sharp and stylish. Haircuts, Fades, Head Massage, Hair Treatments, Keratin Treatment, Facial Treatments Manicure and Pedicure, Men’s Hair Perming . You name it and we do it.


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