Do you want a beard that will make people stop and take a second look?

At GQ Men’s Hair Lounge / GQ Men’s Salon Dubai, we have gotten you 5 styles that are most popular.

Facial hair is all the rage and in fashion right now, especially among men. According to the International Association of Barbers, 99.9 percent of women like some kind of facial hair.

The trend of growing and wearing beards in the course of daily life seems to be increasing day by day. More and more people are adopting this habit. Beards are a beautiful accessory, but they can also add remarkable significance to a person by laying emphasis on his identity. It is the natural style statement for all men and nowadays, there are several fashionable beard styles for men.

One thing that we have learned since opening a men’s salon in dubai is that there is no one-size-fits-all beard. Each style has its own characteristic, and the best part about it is that you can adapt them into your own, making it unique to you. We want to show you all five of popular beard styles with the reason why they are awesome.

  1. The Full beard
  2. The Goatee
  3. The 5 o’clock shadow beard
  4. The Beardstache
  5. The Faded beard

1 .The Full beard

Full _beard_mens_Salon_dubai

A man who can grow a full beard is an alpha male and he knows how to own his look. Perfecting this style may not be for you if you’re impatient and can’t upkeep your look. you can be sure that you are allowing your beard to grow and you should be regularly washing, conditioning, and oiling your beard. Jason Momoa rocks a natural beard that reminds us of how you can add rugged elegance to your look.

2. The Goatee

5 o clock shadow beard

Are you interested in a fashionable medium-length facial hair style? If so, the goatee is worth considering. If you have a high-bridged nose, prominent cheekbones, or a slightly receding chin, ask your barber about the goatee. You’ll look good and even feel good. If you have a long or round face, you’ll probably be able to pull off a goatee.

3. The 5 o’clock shadow beard


The 5 o’clock shadow beard style is the shortest of all beards and works well on most people. This type of beard takes very little time and will work on a variety of different types of people. A key advantage of this style is how versatile it is. If you’re tired of shaving every day and want to try something different, but don’t want to sacrifice your corporate look, we can help you. For a man with this type of facial hair, little maintenance is needed, but remember to trim your stubble, moisturize it with beard oil and keep it looking sexy. This small investment will help keep you looking attractive

4. The Beardstache

beardstach beard

If you’re looking for a new beard or mustache style, consider the Beardstache. Beardstaches are characterized by having a beard that is kept longer and thicker than the surrounding area. At GQ clients value the unique look we offer, as well as the friendly attitude of our barbers. If you’re shopping for a great beard or a sharp mustache, consider Beardstache. This is the perfect style because it allows you to grow facial hair while still looking totally awesome.

5. The Faded beard


You can use a tapered beard to add some style to your beard. This is different than keeping it all one length. This style is versatile and can be tapered in several different ways. In 2021, people are lining up to get faded beards, and there’s no indication that the trend will stop anytime soon

In conclusion your face is your business card, and what says more about your style than the way you wear your facial hair. Moreover to take care and maintain your facial hair you need a barber that has all the knowledge to keep you up to date.  With that in mind, we created GQ barber shop to help the men of Dubai, UAE find their signature look.

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