Flat Hair to Leading Man: The Story Behind GQ Men's Hair Lounge

  1. Dubai in 2008. Picture this: I was stuck in a style rut. My hair, stubbornly straight and lifeless, offered zero texture and zero chance of impressing anyone. Every morning was a battle with gels and sprays, trying (and failing) to coax some semblance of volume out of my flat mop. It wasn’t just the struggle with styling – it felt like my hair mirrored my personality. I was shy, unsure, and perpetually labeled the “nerd” of the group.

    Then there was Omar. The guy had it all – effortless confidence, a winning smile, and a head full of glorious, bouncy curls. He sported a medium-length perm with small spirals, the kind that added tons of volume and effortless style. He was the life of the party, the one attracting all the attention. It wasn’t fair, I thought. Why couldn’t I have hair like that?

    Desperate for a change, I scoured the internet, the magazines – anything that could offer a solution for my straight hair woes. But back then, finding information about men’s perms in Dubai was like searching for a unicorn. Finally, a trip to the US offered a glimmer of hope. There, in a proper salon, I met a stylist who understood my frustrations. A perm, he suggested, could be the answer, specifically a small spiral perm for that volume and texture I craved.

    That perm was a game-changer. It wasn’t just about the hair. It transformed me. Suddenly, I wasn’t the shy guy anymore. The curls gave me a new confidence, a swagger I never knew I possessed. Opportunities seemed to appear out of nowhere. I started noticing how other men, just like me, craved that same level of self-assurance.

    That’s when the idea struck: GQ Men’s Hair Lounge. Founded in 2011, it wasn’t just a salon; it was a mission. I wanted to give men the tools they needed to unlock their inner confidence, just like my perm had done for me. Back then, perms for men were a rarity in Dubai, especially those focusing on small spirals and volume. We had to educate not just the clients but other stylists as well.

    But we didn’t stop there. We’ve constantly strived to stay ahead of the curve, using cutting-edge technologies to create long-lasting, natural-looking perms that enhance, not overpower, a man’s style. Whether you’re looking for a classic small spiral perm, curly hair cuts, or something with a bit more length, our stylists can help you achieve the perfect look.

    Since then, GQ Men’s Hair Lounge has performed over 1000 perms, each one a story of transformation, a stepping stone towards a more confident self.

    Our journey is far from over. We’re constantly on the lookout for new technologies and techniques that can empower men to embrace their individuality and project the best version of themselves. After all, a good head of hair isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about feeling confident enough to conquer the world, one curl at a time.


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