Keratin vs Protein Treatments: What’s The Difference?


A lot of people ask us what the difference between keratin and protein hair treatments are Here is your answer.


Keratin and protein treatments are both rising stars in the salon industry. They can be used in conjunction to create a look that’s both shiny and healthy, or they can stand alone as independent products. But how do you know which one is right for you? We decided to find out what the average person should know before choosing the right treatment.


The main component of keratin is protein. 88% of hair is made up of protein. So we can say that protein is a component of hair in large proportions. The percentage of proteins increases in fine hair and decreases in dry, curly hair. Keratin has become the most widely used component in various hair treatments because it helps straighten the hair and add softness and vitality to it.

There are many factors that lead to a decrease in the percentage of natural keratin in the hair, such as genetic factors and the process of straightening hair with chemicals.

Protein on the other hand is the evolution of keratin, the results of some types of protein are better than the result of keratin, along with amino acids that help rejuvenate, smoothness and restore vitality.

But Protein along with keratin with amino acids. These joined keratin and amino acids help reduce dryness, fizziness, and brittleness in curly coarse hair.

Keratin is used to smooth and straighten hair, but with PROTEIN, the result isn’t just a smoother look, but also an added boost of health that rejuvenates, restores vitality, and smoothens, frizzy hair.

The Procedure for Keratin/ Protein treatment

Be ready for your keratin/protein treatment by making sure you have time off for the entire day. It is a delicate process and you’re paying for top quality products and expert advice from your hairstylist so it’s worth taking your time to get exactly what you want. Don’t be fooled by low-price hair straightening, keratin deals if you want guaranteed results!

This precise treatment permanently straightens your hair by gently heating and shaping the hair fiber, so you’ll get smooth, shiny and perfectly straight locks for up to 12 weeks. It’s a very delicate process that involves working with your hair at a high temperature and takes around 3vto 4 hours depending on the length of the hair.

Unfortunately, many keratin treatment products contain formaldehyde, one of the worst hair treatment ingredients. Breathing in formaldehyde can be very uncomfortable and it is even linked to cancer. Be aware that many “traditional” keratin treatments may also cause hair breakage and greasy scalp. Therefore make sure don’t go for any cheap promotions as quality products result to best outcome.

In conclusion Keratin is a protein treatment that helps damaged hair after hair smoothening and protein treatment is added protein, amino acids in a keratin treatment to make the hair more hair healthy, rejuvenates, restores vitality, frizzy hair.

Protein treatment stimulates the hair follicles to restore damaged hair and stop further production of bad proteins.

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